Rubber Gasket Manufacturers

Rubber gasket manufacturers

Rubber gasket manufacturers

Rubber Gaskets & Mouldings

Comrie Rubber are long-established rubber gasket manufacturers based in Southampton, Hampshire. We stock high-quality rubber gaskets which includes both made-to-order and general purpose rubber gaskets. We press gaskets from sponge rubbers and foams from specialised polymers which includes viton, nitrile, epalm, neoprene and silicone. Our staff aim to assist all projects with a quick and efficient service.

Diaphragm Sheet

We offer diaphragm sheet gaskets and seals for applications from nitrile to neoprene, with a range of inserted sheet materials.

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Nomex
  • Glass fibre

Reinforced materials have advantages over standard polymer sheets as the fabric takes the stress from the rubber material.

Diaphragm sheets can be used in the following applications:

  • Auto applications – Carbs
  • Gas valve technologies
  • Actuators and regulators
  • Fuel pumps
  • Metering Equipment


Our products are of the highest quality. We know that quality and reliability is that the forefront of every project. With the required workload of this range, it has to be right.

Before releasing this product it will be tested for:

  • Hardness
  • Thickness
  • Width
  • Physical Testing

We have a wide range of existing stock from:

  • 5mm to 25mm
  • 1 meter, 1.2 meter & 1.4 meter options


Professional & Reliable Rubber Gasket Manufacturers

We believe that our long established record as high quality reliable rubber gasket manufacturers will make us the number one choice for all your rubber gasket needs.

Email us today at We aim to reply within 24 hours to all enquiries.

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